Creating web forms without programming

K2 Web forms creation tool is accessible from any web browser and full graphics. It allows non-developers to design user forms, without writing a line of code. The created forms can be integrated with business process management applications to applications based on SharePoint, or web and mobile applications.


Creating forms with drag & drop

The K2 platform can create with drag and drop web forms compliant with the latest HTML standards, and compatible with all leading web browsers.

Integration of SI data

With our patented SmartObject framework, use information from line-of-business systems and external data sources in a single form. Out of the box, we support SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, and more. (via generic or specific connectors).



Controls and dynamic form

You don’t need code to create forms that respond to user input and capture information correctly. With the powerful rules framework, your solutions work the way you
want them to.

Creating unique, universal use

Pages created consist of sections that can be reused for other applications, in order to accelerate the implementation. Users can build up a library of component types, integrated into any workflow or business application.


Ergonomic web forms

The user has many options of styles and themes to treat the interface and usability of electronic forms. It can create its own models, reusable thereafter.