Design of workflow applications without programming

K2 workflow tools empower you to roll out apps quickly and with little or no code. Intuitively design workflows that connect people to information and work – from basic task routing to complex enterprise-wide solutions. Remove bottlenecks and help your employees work more efficiently.


Graphic design workflow

The K2 tools are completely graphics: they allow to design any type of workflow, simple or complex, without writing a single line of code. Wizards guide the user step by step to create workflow steps, rules (allocation, publishing, alerts etc.), the chains …

Scale To Fit

Go big or go small. K2’s workflow software can be set up to manage departmental processes (then grow, if necessary) or built to span the largest enterprises and process volume.

Declarative workflow design

K2 workflows are declarative (like everything in K2). That means designs are interpreted when the workflow is run. No more waiting for an application to compile and deploy. With K2’s workflow tools, your changes are live as soon as you make them.
The K2 platform hides the technical complexities related to the development and integration of new applications. It lets you configure events and workflow data, and automate their execution.

Reuse of data and components

All the processes, forms, reports, business rules and associated data can be saved and reused for other workflow application, in order to accelerate the design.


Dynamic Assignment of tasks

Tasks are dynamically assigned based on fully customizable business rules: availability of skills and collaborator choices (approval / rejection), priority level, hierarchical structure …