K2 + Microsoft : over a 10-year partnership

K2 is a long time partner with Microsoft and one of the few Tier One Managed ISV (Independent Software Vendor) of the publisher. K2 is also a founding member of the Microsoft Business Process Alliance and participates in numerous advisory committees at Microsoft.

K2 solutions simplify and accelerate business application design, while relying on Microsoft software components deployed within companies.

They thus enable companies:

  • to generate more value from their existing Microsoft investments
  • reduce the time of implementation of new enforcement application
  • avoid specific developments



Workflow applications based on the Microsoft bricks

Since its inception, K2 has continued to monitor developments in Microsoft technologies to evolve its solutions. The new generation of K2 offer, available since 2007, is also the fruit of several years of R & D, working closely with Microsoft teams.

  • Extensive integration with, among others, SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Visual Studio, Exchange, Visio, Windows Server, Active Directory, Azure, etc.
  • Additional features in Microsoft solutions to simplify advanced workflow modeling, automating the coordination of applications, task scheduling and / or data exchange, facilitate the administration of workflow and reporting.