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K2 Helps Your People Work Smarter And Get Business Done Faster.

Create business applications to automate manual processes, and deliver the right information into the right hands, right away.

Deliver outcomes.

K2 workflow tools empower you to roll out apps quickly and with little or no code. Intuitively design workflows that connect people to information and work – from basic task routing to complex enterprise-wide solutions. Remove bottlenecks and help your employees work more efficiently.

Design your forms without programming.

K2 provides a faster, easier way to create forms for business applications. No code, no loss of control. Drag and drop reusable components into place, tie the form to a workflow, use data from various systems, roll it out and move forward — today.



Optimize your operational performance.

Create your own dashboards to track your activity in real time and continuously optimize your processes.

Maximize your data

Use K2 to extend the capabilities of your current systems, such as SAP, SharePoint or Salesforce, and securely pull data into all your applications without having to store it. Use visual tools, not code, to build reusable entities that leverage existing line-of-business and web-based data, regardless of where it lives.