Reporting and continuous optimization

K2 embeds real-time monitoring tools for business and management processes, to correct occasional malfunctions and continually improve the operational performance of the company. Fully customizable charts and dashboards allow you to quickly make the right decisions.


Real time monitoring of business processes

K2 offers graphical tools to monitor real-time business processes, and be alerted when a malfunction or blockage occurs, or when a particular stage is reached. Alerts and notifications are fully configurable by simple drag and drop, and using wizards.

Optimization of business processes

Detailed reports and statistics on the activities of users and runtime processes to detect potential areas of improvement for a continuous optimization of the company’s business processes.

Compliance check (compliance)

For companies that must comply with specific regulations (SOX, Basel 2, …) or have set up a quality approach (ISO 900x / 14000), the K2 reporting tools ensure traceability from start to finish tasks performed.

Report design based on market standards

The user can run or modify the standard reports provided by K2, or easily create new by simple drag and drop. Configuration wizards accompany step by step in the creation or customization of its reports (format, calculation rules, filters …). Through SmartObjects K2 technology reports can integrate data from,third party systems (ERP, CRM, RDBMS …). K2 data or data exposed via K2 SmartObjects are also usable within any existing BI tool in your business.