Simply integrate SAP data into business applications

The K2 platform includes tools designed to facilitate the integration, reuse and management of data from SAP systems in business process management applications.
A visual designer makes it easy to build integration with SAP for direct access to your backend data — without writing code.

A simple solution to access SAP data

K2 tools used to select data from various SAP entities (customers, suppliers, employees …) to consolidate, by simple drag and drop, in K2 business components  (K2 SmartObjects). Through the operation of the SAP security model, users access only information they are authorized to use / see.

Using the data in SAP By K2 applications

Use capabilities like K2’s visual data relationship builder to build applications that provide users with a view of important SAP information not typically available without custom code or additional SAP modules.

Leverage SAP Information Across Application

Build data entities once and leverage the information across multiple applications, including K2 workflows and forms, SharePoint or any other .NET-based application.

Integration of SAP data in reports

With K2 SmartObjects, SAP data can be integrated in monitoring dashboards – in real-time or delayed – business processes, saving users from having to compile information from different systems to drive performance or take decisions.