Integration of existing data in your information system

Most new applications need to query or update, existing business data, from heterogeneous systems. K2 allows grouping “virtually” the data, without writing a single line of code within business objects that can be used in several applications.

Data aggregation without programming

K2 tools facilitate the creation by simple drag and drop, business objects (K2 SmartObjects) that can consolidate data from different systems (ERP, CRM, ECM, portals, DBMS, etc.). Once designed, these objects can be integrated into the forms, workflow, reports or business applications designed with K2.

Reduced application development time

K2 SmartObjects are reusable from one project to another, by aggregating all data related to a business object (customers, employees, suppliers, etc.), they help to reduce new business application design time, and simplify maintenance.

Universal Connectors

Forms, and workflow applications built with K2 tools can embed data from any external system. K2 offers native integration with SharePoint (Online or On-Premise), Active Directory, Exchange, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, Connectors for various services (Assembly, SOAP or REST Web services, WCF …) are also available for integrations with any other system or application. Finally, K2 provides the ability to create their own connectors for a complete opening of the information system.