K2 : native integration with SharePoint

Depending on the complexity of the process to dematerialize, the technological choices and the existing IT enterprise, business applications made with the K2 platform can be interfaced in different ways with SharePoint  SharePoint Online or On-Premise.

Applications workflow 100% Sharepoint

In this case, K2 applications are designed directly from SharePoint by simple click on shortcut through direct access to K2 functionality in the SharePoint ribbon. They run natively in SharePoint context. K2 hides the technical complexities associated with implementing workflow in SharePoint, which allows a non-developer user to design the application to finish, without writing a single line of code.


Applications hybrides

In this scenario, SharePoint is used by K2 as a portal for access to specific information workflow. The application designer uses k2 for SharePoint web parts to access its list of tasks to administrative interfaces or different reports. The user forms for advancing processes run for their context in a K2 Forms and processes manipulate data or documents stored in SharePoint.

Applications using SharePoint data

In this third case, the K2 Business application can run outside of SharePoint, but it uses the data and documents that are stored in the latter and vice versa. SharePoint becomes a “receptacle”, or the equivalent of an improved database for easy data management.
This scenario is usually preferred when the application is also connected to multiple systems: CRM, ERP, HRIS, various databases …


In all cases, applications created with K2 use, as a minimum, data, lists and document libraries of one or more SharePoint sites.