K2 for SharePoint 2013 preview event


Year        : 2013
Duration: 50 minutes

K2’s CEO Adriaan Van Wyk and Product Manager Eric Schaffer demonstrate how to easily build and run powerful workflow and forms-based apps in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 with K2.




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K2 Platform : Build & Run Business Applications.

Year : 2014
Duration: 54 minutes

Build and run business applications within SharePoint – using forms, workflow, data and reports. Automate processes, allocate work and foster better decision-making.
K2 gives you visual, intuitive tools to create applications that promote collaboration and reusability.



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K2: Introducing K2’s new no-code, cloud based workflow apps for the SharePoint platform

Year : 2013
Duration: 1.30 minute

Hybrid is fast becoming the new normal for SharePoint organizations. The challenge is how to enable citizen developers and technical developers alike to build business apps that span cloud and on-premises and to ensure cloud doesn’t become the next information silo._x000D_ _x000D_ In this session K2 will introduce a new no-code, cloud-based platform for creating workflow and forms apps that

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Workflow without programming

Year : 2013
Duration: 1.15 minute

WORKFLOW: Designing applications without programming.

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Forms without programming

Year : 2013
Duration : 1.07 minute

FORMS: Creating web forms without programming.

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Forms Vs ASP.Net

Year : 2012
Duration: 3.21 minutes

Easy versus Hard


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DATA: Integration of IS data

Year : 2013
Duration: 0.47 minute

Integration of existing data in your information system

Most new applications need to query or update, existing business data, from heterogeneous systems. K2 allows grouping “virtually” the data, without writing a single line of code

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Reporting on processes

Year : 2013
Duration: 1.02 minute (en anglais)

Reporting and continuous optimization





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K2 Connect For SAP Demo

Year        : 2012
Duration: 24 minutes

Join K2’s Eric Schaffer as he provides an overview of K2 connect for SAP and walks through a material requisition application that uses K2 connect to integrate with SAP data.






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Use K2 and Box to tie unstructured data to your business apps

Year         : 2015
Duration : 1:41 minutes

Integration with Box, via K2’s SmartObject framework, makes it possible for you to build business applications directly from the Box interface. Users will also gain the ability to access and manage documents stored in Box through any K2 form, workflow or business application, combining the flexibility of low-code applications with the data-rich environment Box offers to help you better leverage content within existing


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K2 smartforms Example Solution

Year        : 2012
Duration: 9 minutes (en anglais)

Using the K2 smartforms to build a Purchase Order Solution in the browser








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Webcast K2 + Microsoft

Year         : 2013
Duration : 1h

The winning combination for your computerization process.

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