Test the functionality of K2 blackpearl, without installing anything!


A ready test platform in less than 20 minutes

After a request to K2, a dedicated virtual machine is created for you in just 15 to 20 minutes. You receive a username and password to sign in and experience can begin!

A key virtual machine by hand

Accessible remote terminal, with a simple Web connection, the virtual evaluation machine integrates the latest version of K2 blackpearl, complete and preconfigured. It includes all the graphical tools and wizards for designing and managing workflows, forms, task assignment rules, reports, etc.
K2 Assessment SaaS platform embeds further tutorials and getting started guides, as well as Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft CRM, Exchange and Office 2010.

30 evaluation days

You get unlimited access for 30 days at K2 test platform, renewable upon request. Period during which you can do all the testing and design of workflows as you want to get a concrete idea of what you can bring the K2 solutions.

Note: The workflows built and stored on the K2 platform evaluation are not recoverable.